Iberia Distilled White Vinegar, 32 fl oz

  • latinfoods


From health benefits and beauty hacks to cleanliness and cooking, Iberia's 5% Distilled White Vinegar is simply the right choice! Spices up dipping sauces, preserves food, prevents food spoilage, develops flavor, makes homemade bread crusts golden brown, prevents cheese from molding, freshens wilted vegetable’s, substitutes for wine, salt, or buttermilk, brightens hair, softens cuticles, whitens teeth, prevents nail polish from chipping, and can be used as a sunburn relief. Brightens colored clothes, removes deodorant stains, gets rid of water rings on furniture, eases ballpoint-pen marks, cleans window blinds, restores rugs, removes carpet stains, brightens up brickwork, revitalizes wood paneling, revitalizes leather furniture, conceals scratches in wood furniture, removes candle wax, unclogs and deodorizes drains, gets rid of smoke odor, cleans chrome and stainless steel, and disinfects cutting boards. Consistent, safe, and made in the USA. All Natural, 5% Acidity, 32 fl oz